Partners Copyright © 2010-2013 MKS Innovations. All rights reserved. YarcData LLC, a Cray company.  YarcData has the resources to provide the highest performance processing capabilities and visionary data management resources - it means our Big Data appliance for graph analytics is innovative, and solid. It's an exciting time. We're new, but we're established, and we're ready to change the way you value and leverage Big Data. In 1994, IEI disclosed to the world an invention called the Creativity Machine”, a computational paradigm that came the closest yet to emulating the fundamental brain mechanisms responsible for idea formation. Over the next decade, we partnered with both government and industry to carry out projects that spanned all realms of human endeavor. Trustifier Inc. (est. 2005) provides next-curve cyber security solutions. Our flagship product Trustifier KSE™ is the only drop-in, advanced security technology that works on fielded Commercial Off-the- Shelf systems and that is capable of stopping external attacks, as well as the most sinister of Cyber Threats: Namely, Insider-Threats and Insider Attacks. Cryptzone is a technology innovator of proactive controls to mitigate IT security risk.  Appgate/Cryptzone bring together the people, processes and technology to mitigate information security risks identified in the four key areas of Policy Compliance, Content Security, Secure Access and Endpoint Security. MKS leverages staff experience and management expertise to identify technologies that can provide quantifiable value to our customers.  The technology partners we have selected allow us to offer our customers innovative solutions that create positive business case results, and that offer measurably improved outcomes, increased effectiveness and improved efficiency.