Solutions Our current solution set, RemoteConnect™, creates a secure remote computing environment that can be tailored to an organization’s business goals and mission objectives. A specific business model utilizing the RemoteConnect solution is TeleXploitation™. If your organization conducts digital forensics, intelligence analysis, or media exploitation on a 24x7 basis, and your workforce is forced to travel to distant locations, TeleXploitation will increase the productivity of the workforce and significantly reduce the cost of operations. Download our TeleX Value Modeling Tool  and quantify your own value proposition. RemoteConnect - secure remote access Requires minimal bandwidth Protects data continuously Seamlessly connects users and resources anywhere Leverages installed base (existing apps and protocols) Provides security for cloud computing. Copyright © 2010-2013  MKS Innovations. All rights reserved. TeleXploitation - remote computer forensics Provides highly secure “Network Chain of Custody”™ Protocol and transmission media agnostic Scales easily to meet evolving demands as investigation size/scope and target media expand Applies role-based access, authentication, identity management, encryption, and auditing. Actual Case Study of ROI Benefit of TeleXploitation Sample return on investment (ROI) for a medium-sized company providing computer forensics services Anticipated net return of $15 million on $0.5 million investment Annual payback achieved within first two weeks Half of net return from better price competitiveness Half of net return from enhanced utilization of existing staff RemoteConnect Value Proposition